The Influence of Price and Attitude on Shifting Residential Electricity Consumption from On- to Off-Peak Periods

Heberlein, T. A., & Warriner, G. K. (1983). The influence of price and attitude on shifting residential electricity consumption from on- to off-peak periods. Journal of Economic Psychology, 4, 1-2, 107-130.
During a 3-yr period, a stratified random sample of 590 residential electricity consumers in northeastern Wisconsin were placed on 1 of 3 time-of-day price ratios: 2 to 1, 4 to 1,…

Ecological Knowledge and Perception of Environmental Modifiability

Levenson, H. (1974). Ecological knowledge and perception of environmental modifiability. American Psychologist, 29, 4, 274-275.
Comments that, in a study by M. P. Maloney and M. P. Ward (see PA, Vol 51:5007) that presented an objective scale for measuring ecological attitudes and knowledge, Maloney and War…

Personal Values and Commitment to Energy Conservation

Neuman, K. (1986). Personal values and commitment to energy conservation. Environment and Behavior, 18, 1, 53-74.
Examined the role values play in people's commitment to energy conservation, using data from 376 households in southern California. An adult member (aged 18+ yrs) of each househol…

Environmental Attitudes and Knowledge: A Comparison of Marketing and Business Students with Other Groups. Special Issue: Social Values

Synodinos, N. E. (1990). Environmental attitudes and knowledge: A comparison of marketing and business students with other groups. Special Issue: Social values. Journal of Business Research, 20, 2, 161-170.
161 university students in Hawaii were administered a modified version of the Ecological Attitudes and Knowledge Scale (EAKS) by M. P. Maloney et al (see PA, Vol 54:8704). Results…

A Test of a Model for Commitment

Kiesler, C. A., & Sakumura, J. (1966). A test of a model for commitment. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 3, 3, 349-353.
Commitment is defined as a binding of the individual to behavioral acts, and a theoretical model is presented for the role of commitment in attitude change. The derivation tested…

Commitment, Behavior, and Attitude Change: An Analysis of Voluntary Recycling

Werner, C. M., Turner, J., Shipman, K., Twitchell, F. S., et al. (1995). Commitment, behavior, and attitude change: An analysis of voluntary recycling. Special Issue: Green psychology. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 15, 3, 197-208.
Describes a project designed to help local agencies select a method of inducing residents to participate in a free curbside recycling program. The project also provided an opportu…

Green Movement in a Newly Industrializing Area: A Survey on the Attitudes and Behaviour of the Hong Kong Citizens

Chan, R. & Yam, E. (1995). Green movement in a newly industrializing area: A survey on the attitudes and behaviour of the Hong Kong citizens. Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology, 5, 4, 273-284.
Tested the relationship between environmental attitudes and behavior of the citizens of Hong Kong using a revised version of M. P. Maloney & M. P. Ward's ecological scale. Variabl…

A Comparison of the Environmental

Hunter, Lori M. (2000). A comparison of the environmental attitudes, concern, and behaviors of native-born and foreign-born U.S. residents. . Population & Environment: a Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 21, 6, 565-580.
Offers an examination of environmental attitudes, concern, and behaviors among individuals presently living within the context producing contemporary American environmental …

Can Commitment Change Behavior? A Case Study of Environmental Actions

Katzev, R. & Wang, T. Can commitment change behavior? A case study of environmental actions. Vol. 9. 1994. 13-26.
Conducted a critical evaluation of both laboratory and field studies that have employed commitment procedures to change behavior. An analysis of the methodological and historical …

Environmental Knowledge and Recycling Behavior as a Function of Attitudes and Personality Characteristics

Arbuthnot, J. Environmental knowledge and recycling behavior as a fuction of attitudes and personality characteristics. Vol. 1. 1974. 119-121.
Tested a numer of hypotheses regarding the relationship among (a) personality characteristics, (b) certain demographic factors, and (c) environmental attitudes, knowledge, and com…
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