Environmentally Responsible Purchase Behaviour: A Test of a Consumer Model

Follows, Scott B; Jobber, David (2000). Environmentally responsible purchase behaviour: A test of a consumer model.. European Journal of Marketing. , 34, 5-6, 723-746.
A consumer model of environmentally responsible purchase behaviour was tested using covariance structural analysis. The model successfully predicted the purchase of environmen…

Adapting Human Lifestyles for the 21st Century

Howard, George S. (2000). Adapting human lifestyles for the 21st century. . American Psychologist, 55, 5, 509-151.
A number of ecological problems (e.g., global warming, ozone depletion, deforestation, acid rain) have been identified, which threaten to reduce the quality of human life in t…

A Comparison of the Environmental

Hunter, Lori M. (2000). A comparison of the environmental attitudes, concern, and behaviors of native-born and foreign-born U.S. residents. . Population & Environment: a Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 21, 6, 565-580.
Offers an examination of environmental attitudes, concern, and behaviors among individuals presently living within the context producing contemporary American environmental …

Turning Minds On and Faucets Off: Water Conservation Education in Jordanian Schools

Middlestadt, Susan; Grieser, Mona; Hernandez, Orlando; Tabaishat, Khulood; Sanchack, Julie; Southwell, Brian; Schwartz, Reva. (2001). Turning minds on and faucets off: Water conservation education in Jordanian schools. . Journal of Environmental Education, 32, 2, 37-45.
Evaluated the impact on knowledge, attitudes and behaviors, of a high school water conservation curriculum implemented through the Jordan Water Conservation Education Projec…

Communications about Environmental Risks and Risk-Reducing Behavior: The Impact of Fear on Information Processing

Meijnders, Anneloes L; Midden, Cees J. H; Wilke, Henk A. M. (2001). Communications about environmental risks and risk-reducing behavior: The impact of fear on information processing. . Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 31, 4, 754-777.
Examined the impact of fear on attitudes and the mediating role of information processing. Fear and argument strength were manipulated according to a 3 * 2 (Fear: Control vs M…

Is There a "Race" Effect on Concern for Environmental

Mohai, Paul; Bryant, Bunyan (1998). Is there a "race" effect on concern for environmental quality? . Public Opinion Quarterly, 62, 4, 475-505.
Examined racial differences in environmental attitudes and suggests 3 explanations for understanding racial differences in environmental concern: (1) hierarchy of needs, (2)…

Environmentalism of African Americans: An Analysis of the Subculture and Barriers Theories

Parker, Julia Dawn; McDonough, Maureen H (1999). Environmentalism of African Americans: An analysis of the subculture and barriers theories. . Environment & Behavior, 31, 2, 155-177.
The objectives of this study included (1) assessing the differences between African Americans' and Euro-Americans' environmental attitudes, (2) determining preferences for, an…

The Theory of Reasoned Action and Self-Construals: Understanding Recycling in Hawaii

Park, Hee Sun; Levine, Timothy R; Sharkey, William F (1998). The theory of reasoned action and self-construals: Understanding recycling in Hawaii. . Communication Studies, 49, 3, 196-208.
Used the Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA) to predict the behavioral intention to recycle among 201 undergraduate students (aged 18-52 yrs) at the University of Hawaii. Measuri…

Empathizing with Nature: The Effects of Perspective Taking on Concern for Environmental Issues

Schultz, P. Wesley. (2000). Empathizing with nature: The effects of perspective taking on concern for environmental issues. . Journal of Social Issues, 56, 3, 391-406.
In this article, the author proposes that concern for environmental problems is fundamentally linked to the degree to which people view themselves as part of the natural envir…

A Multinational Perspective on the Relation between Judeo-Christian Religious Beliefs and Attitudes of Environmental Concern

Schultz, P. Wesley; Zelezny, Lynnette; Dalrymple, Nancy J. (2000). A multinational perspective on the relation between Judeo-Christian religious beliefs and attitudes of environmental concern. . Environment & Behavior, 32, 4, 576-591.
Drawing on a recent multinational survey of environmental attitudes and behaviors, we examined the relation between religious beliefs and environmental concern. Measures inc…

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