Green or Non-Green? Does Type of Appeal Matter when Advertising a Green Product? Special Issue: Green advertising

Schuhwerk, M. E., & Lefkoff-Hagius, R. Green or non-green? Does type of appeal matter when advertising a green product? Special Issue: Green advertising. Vol. 24. 1995. 45-54.
Examined how consumers responded to different print advertisements for a green (environmental) laundry detergent. 71 undergraduates were divided into 2 groups. One group considere…

An Integrated Model of Waste Management Behavior: A Test of Household Recycling and Composting Intentions

Taylor, S., & Todd, P. An integrated model of waste management behavior: A test of household recycling and composting intentions. Vol. 27. 1995. 603-630.
Studied the antecedents of recycling and compositing intentions in the context of an integrated waste management behavior model. The model is based on the theory of planned behavi…

Can Commitment Change Behavior? A Case Study of Environmental Actions

Katzev, R. & Wang, T. Can commitment change behavior? A case study of environmental actions. Vol. 9. 1994. 13-26.
Conducted a critical evaluation of both laboratory and field studies that have employed commitment procedures to change behavior. An analysis of the methodological and historical …

Prominent Factors Influencing Environmental Activities: Application of the Environmental Leadership Model (ELM). Special Issue: Leadership for Environmental and Social Change

Flannery, B. L., & May, D. R. Prominent factors influencing environmental activities: Application of the Environmental Leadership Model (ELM). Special Issue: Leadership for environmental and social change. Vol. 5. 1994. 201-221.
Presents the ELM, which specifies 4 prominent antecedents to an organization's environmental strategic formulation process. These factors include (1) moral norms and values for en…

A "Greening" of Religion? Some Evidence from a Pennsylvania Sample

Kanagy, C. L. & Willits, F. K. A "greening" of religion? Some evidence from a Pennsylvania sample. Vol. 74. 1993. 674-683.
Surveyed 3,632 Ss to analyze the impact of religious affiliation and church attendance on environmental attitudes and behaviors. Ss responded to questions clustered around the acc…

Rural-Urban Differences in Environmental Knowledge and Actions

Arcury, T. A. & Christianson, E. H. Rural-urban differences in environmental knowledge and actions. Vol. 25. 1993. 19-25.
Examined the variation in environmental attitudes and knowledge between rural and urban residents and further developed social environmental theory based on the New Environmental …

Public Attitudes toward Waste Management: A Survey of Residents of the Greater Toronto Area

Environics Research Group Limited Public attitudes toward waste management a survey of residents of the greater Toronto area. Solid Waste Interim Steering Committee, 1990.

Cognitive Consequences of Legislating Postpurchase Behavior: Growing up with the Bottle Bill

Kahle, L. R., & Beatty, S. E. Cognitive consequences of legislating postpurchase behavior: Growing up with the bottle bill. Vol. 17. 1987. 828-843.
Examined the variables of (1) attitudes toward returning bottles, (2) intentions, (3) behaviors, (4) subjective norms, and (5) habits as they function within the cognitive context…

Who Cares about Water Pollution? Opinions in a Small-Town Crisis

Hamilton, L. C. Who cares about water pollution? Opinions in a small-town crisis. Vol. 55. 1985. 170-181.
Following the discovery that the water supply in a small New England town had become contaminated by industrial chemicals, a mailed questionnaire survey was conducted of water use…

"Not in my Backyard": Influence of Motivational Concerns on Judgments about a Risky Technology

Marks, G., & von-Winterfeldt, D. "Not in my backyard": Influence of motivational concerns on judgments about a risky technology. Vol. 69. 1984. 408-415.
Examined whether judgments about the risks and benefits of a potentially hazardous technology vary as a function of whether or not that technology occurs in "one's own back yard."…

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