Promoting Energy Conservation in University Dormitories by Physical, Policy and Resident Behavior Changes

McClelland, L. & Belsten, L. (1979). Promoting energy conservation in university dormitories by physical, policy and resident behavior changes. Journal of Environmental Systems, 9, 1, 29-38.
Two successive energy conservation programs were implemented in four University of Colorado dormitories. Program I included persuasive communications, information, feedback, and …

A public's Environmental Information Sources and Evaluations of Mass Media

Ostman, R. E., & Parker, J. L. (1987). A public's environmental information sources and evaluations of mass media. Journal of Environmental Education, 18, 2, 9-17.
Investigated the mass media sources of environmental information that are used most frequently by the public, and the public's perception of the quality of environmental content p…

Impact of Education, Age, Newspapers, and Television on Environmental Knowledge, Concerns, and Behaviors

Ostman, R. E., & Parker, J. L. (1987). Impact of education, age, newspapers, and television on environmental knowledge, concerns, and behaviors. Journal of Environmental Education, 19, 1, 3-9.
Investigated the connections between environmental knowledge, concerns, and behaviors, by conducting a telephone survey of 336 residents of Ithaca, New York. Respondents' educatio…

Educating a Constituency for the Long Haul

Orr, D. W. (1993). Educating a constituency for the long haul. On the Horizon, October, 1,2,5.

Implications of Attitude and Behavior Research for Environmental Conservation

Newhouse, N. (1990). Implications of attitude and behavior research for environmental conservation. Journal of Environmental Education, 22, 1, 26-32.
Discusses the difficulties of changing both behavior and motivations to generate more environmentally responsible behavior from people. The study of attitude and behavior suggests…

The Effects of Issue Investigation and Action Training on Environmental Behavior in Seventh Grade Students

Ramsey, J. M., & Hungerford, H. (1989). The effects of issue investigation and action training on environmental behavior in seventh grade students. Journal of Environmental Education, 20, 4, 29-34.
Tested the issue investigation and action training (IIAT) instructional program by H. R. Hungerford (1988) et al, an environmental education methodology, on 64 7th graders for 18 …

Environmental Knowledge and Attitudes

Arbuthnot, J. (1974). Environmental knowledge and recycling behavior as a fuction of attitudes and personality characteristics. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 1, 1, 119-121.

Environmental Education and Environmental Attitudes

Pettus, A. (1976). Environmental education and environmental attitudes.. Journal of Environmental Education, 8, 1, 48-51.

Factors Influencing Household Recycling Behavior

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Conducted telephone interviews to study the recycling behavior, attitudes, and knowledge of 221 adults in a suburban city that had begun a citywide curbside recycling program with…

Studies of Individual Environmental Concern: The Role of Knowledge, Gender, and Background Variables

Schahn, J., & Holzer, E. (1990). Studies of individual environmental concern: The role of knowledge, gender, and background variables. Environment and Behavior, 22, 6, 767-786.
Analyzed the interplay of environmentally relevant knowledge, attitudes, and behavior as well as gender differences in environmental concern and the role of demographic variables …
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