Evaluating a Television Campaign to Promote Petrol Conservation

Syme, G. J., Seligman, C., Kantola, S. J., & MacPherson, D. K. (1987). Evaluating a television campaign to promote petrol conservation. Environment and Behavior, 19, 4, 444-461.
Conducted intensive 4-wk campaigns using a 30-sec TV commercial in 2 Australian cities; a 3rd city served as a control. Approximately 400 respondents (aged 18+ yrs) selected rando…

Modification of Driving Behavior in a Large Transport Organization: A Field Experiment

Siero, S., Boon, M., Kok, G., & Siero, F. Modification of driving behavior in a large transport organization: A field experiment. Vol. 74. 1989. 417-423.
To change the driving behavior of mail-van drivers so as to encourage energy saving, a program was developed and implemented in the Netherlands Postal and Telecommunications Servi…

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