Getting at the Source: Strategies for Reducing Municipal Solid Waste

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Variable Disposal Fee Impact

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Six case studies that investigate the impact of variable disposal fees upon residential waste reduction.

Garbage by the Pound: Ready to Roll with Weight Based Fees

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3Rs Regulations in Ontario

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Only Pay for What you Throw Away

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Summary Report: Public Attitude Survey on Waste Reduction and Recycling within the GVRD

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Applying Social Psychology to Avoid Ecological Disaster

Oskamp, S. (1994). Applying social psychology to avoid ecological disaster. Los Angeles: Annual Conference of the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues.
Summarizes the ecological concerns that threaten sustainability and discusses ways in which psychologists and other social scientists can help improve the situation. The most cent…

Promoting Source Reduction and Recyclability in the Marketplace: A Study of Consumer and Industry Response to Promotion of Source Reduced, Recycled, and Recyclable Products and Packaging

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California Integrated Waste Management Board "Think Before you Shop" Tracking Study: Summary of Pre-Wave Findings

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Regional Municipality of Peel Waste Management Communications Tracking: Survey of business and industry

Regional Municipality of Peel (1994). Regional Municipality of Peel Waste Management Communications Tracking: Survey of business and industry. Peel: Regional Municipality of Peel.

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