Fostering Allies

tathra street North Coburg, Victoria Mar 19, 2006 21:59 pm
Hello Community Based Social Marketing Folks! I'm looking for strategies and advice in the area of getting bureaucrats onside. We are developing a proposal to a large municip…

Anti Idling Bylaw

Tim Laprade Kingston Dec 20, 2005 18:44 pm
In the new year I will be reviewing our anti idling bylaw and providing input from an environmental perspective. If anyone has done a similar task and is interested/able to share …

Housing and Transportation

Danielle Lee Redwood City Nov 17, 2005 17:47 pm
Peter: If you are looking for international examples, the Bay Area, CA, U.S. has a Smart Growth Strategy that links housing with transportation. ABAG (Association of Bay Area Gov…

Promoting Fuel Efficient Vehicles -- Strategies for Programs

Doug Manarin Vancouver Oct 31, 2005 20:13 pm
Is anyone aware of any studies/pilot programs that have been developed to encourage consumers to purchase and/or use more fuel efficient vehicles? What were the results of those c…

Hybrid Vehicle vs Conventional Vehicles- Savings Calculator

waverley parsons Oct 12, 2005 17:02 pm
Good Morning all, I am currently looking at the feasibility of introducing more hybrid vehicles to the Council vehicle fleet. I am taking into account- cost and fuel savings,…
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