Factors Influencing Household Recycling Behavior

Oskamp, S., Harrington, M. J., Edwards, T. C., Sherwood, D. L., Okuda, S. M., & Swanson, D. C. (1991). Factors influencing household recycling behavior. Environment and Behavior, 23, 4, 494-519.
Conducted telephone interviews to study the recycling behavior, attitudes, and knowledge of 221 adults in a suburban city that had begun a citywide curbside recycling program with…

Support for Environmental Protection: The Role of Moral Norms

Stern, P. C., Dietz, T., & Black, J. S. (1986). Support for environmental protection: The role of moral norms. Population and Environment, Behavioral and Social Issues, 8, 3-4, 204-222.
Presents a theoretical model that traces support for environmental protection to a social-psychological process involving the activation of moral norms against harming innocent pe…

Public Concerns about LLRW Facility Siting: A Comparative Study. Special Issue: Risk and Culture

Vari, A., Kemp, R., & Mumpower, J. L. (1991). Public concerns about LLRW facility siting: A comparative study. Special Issue: Risk and culture. Journal of Cross Cultural Psychology, 22, 1, 83-102.
Performed a comparative analysis of public concerns about siting low-level radioactive waste (LLRW) disposal facilities in the US, the UK, and Hungary. Analysis was based on publi…

College Students and Recycling: Their Attitudes and Behaviors

Williams, E. (1991). College students and recycling: Their attitudes and behaviors. Journal of College Student Development, 32, 1, 86-88.
Surveyed 237 university students concerning their knowledge of and attitudes toward recycling and its environmental implications. 81% of the Ss reported at least some knowledge an…

Summary Report: Public Attitude Survey on Waste Reduction and Recycling within the GVRD

Canadian Facts & Pengelly, M. (1991). Summary report: Public attitude survey on waste reduction and recycling within the GVRD. Canadian Facts.

Consumer Recycling Goals and their Effect on Decisions to Recycle: A Means-End Chain Analysis. Special Issue: Psychology, Marketing, and Recycling

Bagozzi, R. P., & Dabholkar, P. A. (1994). Consumer recycling goals and their effect on decisions to recycle: A means-end chain analysis. Special Issue: Psychology, marketing, and recycling. Psychology and Marketing, 11, 4, 313-340.
Means-end chain theory and the laddering methodology were used to derive the goals relevant to consumers for recycling, as well as the interrelations among goals. Data were collec…

The Prediction of Household Recycling of Newspapers: The Role of Attitudes, Intentions, and Situational Factors

Boldero, J. (1995). The prediction of household recycling of newspapers: The role of attitudes, intentions, and situational factors. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 25, 5, 440-462.
Tested I. Ajzen and T. J. Madden's (see PA, Vol 75:10653) theory of planned behavior for observed household newspaper recycling. The effects of recycling in the past, individual's…

Determinants of Responsible Environmental Behavior

Nemiroff, L. S., & McKenzie-Mohr, D. (1992). Determinants and distinguishing variables of pro-disarmament behavior and responsible environmental behavior.. Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, 7, 1, 1-24.
Two experiments examined the variables characteristic of individuals who engage in responsible environmental behavior. In Exp 1, 142 Canadians (mean age 36 yrs) completed a phone …

Comparison of Self-Reported Recycling Attitudes and Behaviors with Actual Behavior

Barker, K., Fong, L., Grossman, S., Quin, C., et al. (1994). Comparison of self-reported recycling attitudes and behaviors with actual behavior. Psychological Reports, 75, 1 (Part 2), 571-577.
Investigated the congruence of 102 college students' self-reported paper-recycling behaviors and attitudes with actual behavior. The hypothesis that college students would report …

Influences on Attitude-Behavior Relationships: A Natural Experiment with Curbside Recycling

Guagnano, G. A., Stern, P. C., & Dietz, T. (1995). Influences on attitude-behavior relationships: A natural experiment with curbside recycling. Environment and Behavior, 27, 5, 699-718.
To test a model in which attitudinal factors & external conditions act in combination to influence behavior, evidence was gathered in in a natural experiment in recycling in which…

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