Understanding the Determinants of Consumer Composting Behavior

Taylor, S. & Todd, P. (1997). Understanding the determinants of consumer composting behavior. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 27, 7, 602-628.
Compared 3 models of waste management behavior: (1) a theory of reasoned action model, (2) an environmental belief-behavior model, and (3) an integrated waste management model. 1,…

An Integrated Model of Waste Management Behavior: A Test of Household Recycling and Composting Intentions

Taylor, S., & Todd, P. An integrated model of waste management behavior: A test of household recycling and composting intentions. Vol. 27. 1995. 603-630.
Studied the antecedents of recycling and compositing intentions in the context of an integrated waste management behavior model. The model is based on the theory of planned behavi…

A Report on a Statewide Survey of Californians: Attitudes about Solid Waste Management

Public Response Associates, I. A report on a statewide survey of Californians': Attitudes about solid waste management. California State Solid Waste Management Board, 1981.

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