Personal and Contextual Influences on Household Energy Adaptations

Black, J. S., Stern, P. C. & Elworth, J. T. (1985). Personal and contextual influences on household energy adaptations. Journal of Applied Psychology, 70, 1, 3-21.
Examined the interactive effects of economic, demographic, structural, and psychological variables on 4 behaviorally distinct types of reported conservation response involving ene…

Relating Attitudes to Residential Energy Use

Becker, L. J., Seligman, C., Fazio, R. H., & Darley, J. M. (1981). Relating attitudes to residential energy use. Environment and Behavior, 13, 5, 590-609.
During the winter, 207 homeowning couples completed questionnaires about their energy-related attitudes. Results confirm those of prior studies: thermal comfort is the most import…

Determinants of Household Energy Efficiency and Demand

Baxter, L., Feldman, S., Schinnar, A. & Wirtshafter, R. (1987). Determinants of household energy efficiency and demand. Energy Efficiency: Perspectives on Individual Behavior, 151-170.

Residential Electricity Demand: An Experimental Study

Battalio, R. C., Kagel, J. H., Winkler, R. C., & Winett, R. A. (1979). Residential electricity demand: An experimental study. Review of Economics and Statistics, 61, 180-189.

Joint Effect of Feedback and Goal Setting on Performance: A Field Study of Residential Energy Conservation

Becker, L. J. (1978). Joint effect of feedback and goal setting on performance: A field study of residential energy conservation. Journal of Applied Psychology, 63, 4, 428-433.
The facilitating motivational effect of feedback on performance has been attributed by some to difficult goals set in response to feedback. The present experiment attributes this …

A Group Contingency for Electricity Conservation in Master-Metered Apartments

Slavin, R., Wodarski, J., & Blackburn, B. (1981, September). A group contingency for electricity conservation in master-metered apartments. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 14(3), 357-363.
In Study 1, residents of 166 apartment units in 3 towers held meetings and received biweekly payments of the value of electricity saved compared to predicted use. Overall, residen…

Looking for Examples of Audit Reports

Xavier Van Roy Brussels March 19, 2009 08:16 AM
Does anyone has any good exemple of an ideal report of an home audit? It is to present them to new auditors in Belgium. Xavier Van Roy Bruxelles Environnement Belgium

Education Tools for Energy Conservation

Danielle Blenkhorn Sydney April 05, 2009 06:06 AM
Hi All I'm looking for information to assist in developing community education programs about energy efficiency and conservation. More specifically, I am looking for education …

Working with Neighborhood Associations to Reduce Energy - Case Studies Needed

Lisa Dugdale Ann Arbor April 24, 2009 05:28 PM
Good Afternoon - I work with a Clean Energy nonprofit that is designing a neighborhood-based energy efficiency program. The main part of the program is working with neighborho…

The Short List: The Most Effective Actions U.S. Households Can Take to Curb Climate Change

Gardner, G.T. & Stern, P.C. (2008, September/October). The Short List: The Most Effective Actions U.S. Households Can Take to Curb Climate Change
Individual and household actions now directly cause approximately 38% of total national carbon dioxide emissions, and that percentage has increased in recent years.  These emissio…
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