Predicting Purchase Intentions for an Environmentally Sensitive Product

Alwitt, L. F., & Pitts, R. E. (1996). Predicting purchase intentions for an environmentally sensitive product.. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 5, 1, 49-64.
Expressions of positive attitudes toward the environment are only weakly related to the consumption of alternatives to products that are environmentally (EVY) unfriendly. Yet, soc…

Consumer Research Survey: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Purchase of Recycled-Content Products

King County commission for Marketing Recyclable Materials & Atwood, A. M. (1994). Consumer research survey: Knowledge, attitudes, and purchase of recycled-content products. King County Commission for Marketing Recyclable Materials.

Altruism and Market-Like Behavior: An Analysis of Willingness to Pay for Recycled Paper Products

Guagnano, G. A. (2001). Altruism and market-like behavior: An analysis of willingness to pay for recycled paper products.. Population & Environment: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 22, 4, 425-438.
Discusses the contrast between self-interested behavior guided by rational choice and altruistic behavior guided by normative considerations. This study suggests that market and m…

Green Buying: The Influence of Environmental Concern on Consumer Behavior

Mainieri, T., Barnett, E. G., Valdero,T. & Unipan, J. B. (1997). Green buying: The influence of environmental concern on consumer behavior. Journal of Social Psychology, 137, 2, 189-204.
Investigated variables that predict "green buying" (i.e., buying products that are environmentally beneficial). These included awareness about environmental impacts of products, s…

Ecologically Friendly Buying--Theoretical Implications of a Phenomenological Perspective

Soler, C. (1996). Ecologically friendly buying--theoretical implications of a phenomenological perspective. Scandinavian Journal of Management, 12, 3, 275-289.
Presents an alternative approach to the study of ecologically friendly buying. The results of an empirical pilot study of 47 consumers are presented, showing that personal experie…

A Study of Consumers' Recognition and Recall of Environmental Claims

Mark, P. A. F. (1999). A study of consumers' recognition and recall of environmental claims. Dissertation Abstracts International Section A: Humanities and Social Sciences, 59, 7-A,
The growth of consumers' environmental concern has led to a phenomenon known as 'green consumerism.' As a result of green consumerism, products with green marketing claims have mo…

Analysis of Consumer Attitudes in Michigan about Products Containing Recycled Materials

Lai, M. j. (1991). Analysis of consumer attitudes in Michigan about products containing recycled materials. Dissertation Abstracts International, 52, 6-B,

Consumer Evaluation of Recycled Products

Mobley, A. S., Painter, T. S., Untch, E. M. & Unnava, H. R. (1995). Consumer evaluation of recycled products. Psychology and Marketing, 12, 3, 165-176.
Investigated 89 university students' evaluation of products regarding whether they were recycled vs nonrecycled, new vs established brand name, and related vs not related to perso…

Antecedents of Green Purchases: A Survey in China

Chan, Ricky Y. K; Lau, Lorett B. Y. (2000). Antecedents of green purchases: A survey in China. . Journal of Consumer Marketing, 17, 4, 338-357.
Examined the influence of cultural values, ecological affect, and ecological knowledge on the green purchasing behavior of Chinese consumers. Data collection was carried out t…

Simple and Effective Tools for Showing Total Cost Ownership

ashok sharma New Delhi India November 19, 2008 09:32 AM
Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any good visual materials or can provide links to literature that contain visuals of total cost ownership with regards to sustainable purch…

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