Response Format Effects in Questions about Norms: Implications for the Reliability and Validity of the Normative Approach

Hall, T., & Roggenbuck, J. (2002). Response format effects in questions about norms: Implications for the reliability and validity of the normative approach. Leisure Sciences, 24(3-4), 325-337. doi:10.1080/01490400290050772.
Several studies have demonstrated that altering the format (question wording or presentation format) can alter responses obtained from normative questions. This study extends that…

The Personal Threat of Environmental Problems as Predictor of Environmental Practices

Baldassare, M. & Katz, C. (1992). The personal threat of environmental problems as predictor of environmental practices. Environment and Behavior, 24, 5, 602-616.
640 adult residents of Orange County, California completed a survey regarding their perceived threat of environmental problems. Ss who perceived that environmental problems pose a…
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