Personal and Contextual Factors Supporting the Switch to Transit Use: Evaluating a Natural Transit Intervention

Brown, Barbara B.; Werner, Carol M.; Kim, Naree (2003). Personal and Contextual Factors Supporting the Switch to Transit Use: Evaluating a Natural Transit Intervention. Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy, 3, 1, 139-160.
U.S. communities are becoming increasingly automobile dependent, with car use embedded in U.S. policies, practices, and preferences. To encourage transit use, transit systems too …

Psychological resistance against attempts to reduce private car use

Tertoolen G., van Kreveld D. & Verstraten B. (1998). Psychological resistance against attempts to reduce private car use. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 32 (3), 171-181.
The aim of the research was to investigate the effects of information, feedback and commitment on car use and attitudes related to car use. In a field experiment (N = 350) users o…

Commuting by Car or Public Transportation? A Social Dilemma Analysis of Travel Mode Judgments

Van Vugt, M., Van Lange, P. A. M. & Meertens, R. M. Commuting by car or public transportation? A social dilemma analysis of travel mode judgments. Vol. 26. 1996. 373-395.
Examined judgments regarding the decision to commute by car vs public transportation (PT) in terms of a conflict between immediate self-interest and long-term collective interest.…

Can Commitment Change Behavior? A Case Study of Environmental Actions

Katzev, R. & Wang, T. Can commitment change behavior? A case study of environmental actions. Vol. 9. 1994. 13-26.
Conducted a critical evaluation of both laboratory and field studies that have employed commitment procedures to change behavior. An analysis of the methodological and historical …

The Keys to the Car: Electric and Hydrogen Vehicles for the 21st Century

MacKenzie, J. J. The keys to the car: Electric and hydrogen vehicles for the 21st century. Baltimore, MD: World Resources Institute, 1994. 128.

Alternatives to the Automobile: Transport for Livable Cities (Worldwatch Paper 98)

Lowe, M. D. Alternatives to the automobile: Transport for livable cities (Worldwatch Paper 98). Washington: Worldwatch Institute, 1990. 49.

Modification of Driving Behavior in a Large Transport Organization: A Field Experiment

Siero, S., Boon, M., Kok, G., & Siero, F. Modification of driving behavior in a large transport organization: A field experiment. Vol. 74. 1989. 417-423.
To change the driving behavior of mail-van drivers so as to encourage energy saving, a program was developed and implemented in the Netherlands Postal and Telecommunications Servi…

Are Energy-Intensive Life-Images Fading? The Cultural Meaning of the Automobile in Transition

Sachs, W. Are energy-intensive life-images fading? The cultural meaning of the automobile in transition. Vol. 3. 1983. 347-365.
Focuses on the symbolic significance of energy consuming technology, using the automobile as an illustration. It is suggested that the automobile cannot be considered as only a te…

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