Energy Education in the Curriculum

Stubbs, M. (1985). Energy education in the curriculum. Educational Studies, 11, 2, 133-150.
Data from 439 16-19 yr old students and 86 staff members from 2 colleges in the UK show that coverage of the topic of energy education varied considerably but was generally inadeq…

A Review and Critique of Energy Research in Psychology

Stern, P. & Gardner, G. T. (1980). A review and critique of energy research in psychology. Social Science Energy Review, 3, 1, 1-71.
This paper summarizes the main streams of existing psychological research relating to energy policy issues, evaluates the mainstream research, and then steps back for a broader vi…

Market Barriers to Energy-Efficiency Investments

Sutherland, R. J. (1992?). Market barriers to energy-efficiency investments. The Energy Journal, 12, 3, 15-34.
The conservation literature argues that numerous cost-effective conservation measures could be undertaken, but they are not because market barriers discourage such investments. A…

The Home Power Movement: Technology, Behavior, and the Environment

Tatum, J. S. The home power movement: Technology, behavior, and the environment. Human Dimensions, 2, 141-149.
Extended interviews with about 50 widely distributed participants in the Home Power movement suggest that approximately 25,000 homes in the U. S. now rely on their own photovoltai…

Construction of a Nuclear Power Station in One's Locality: Attitudes and Salience

Van-der-Pligt, J., Eiser, J. R., & Spears, R. (1986). Construction of a nuclear power station in one's locality: Attitudes and salience. Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 7, 1, 1-15.
Examined the attitudes toward the building of a nuclear power station in one's locality by surveying 290 residents (mean age 47.5 yrs) of 3 small rural communities that were liste…

Involvement and Need for Cognition as Moderators of Beliefs-Attitude-Intention Consistency

Verplanken, B. (1989). Involvement and need for cognition as moderators of beliefs-attitude-intention consistency. British Journal of Social Psychology, 28, 2, 115-122.
Surveyed 2,439 residents of The Netherlands to examine moderating effects of involvement and need for cognition in the relationships between beliefs, attitudes, and behavioral int…

Attitudes toward Nuclear Energy: Familiarity and Salience

Van-der-Pligt, J., Eiser, J. R. & Spears, R. (1986). Attitudes toward nuclear energy: Familiarity and salience. Environment and Behavior, 18, 1, 75-93.
Examined attitudes toward the building of a nuclear power station in one's locality. 648 residents (mean age 47.7 yrs) of 4 small rural communities that were selected as possible …

Comment on "Psychological Research and Energy Policy."

Winett, R. A., & Geller, E. S. (1981). Comment on "Psychological research and energy policy.". American Psychologist, 36, 4, 425-426.
Comments that some points made by P. C. Stern and G. T. Gardner (see PA, Vol 67:1169) in their plea for an interdisciplinary approach and for input by psychologists into energy po…

A New Power Base: Renewable Energy Policies for the Nineties and Beyond

Kozloff, K. L. & Dower, R. C. (1993). A new power base: Renewable energy policies for the nineties and beyond. (pp. 196). Baltimore, MD: World Resource Institute.

Soft Energy Paths: Toward a Durable Peace

Lovins, A. B. (1977). Soft energy paths: Toward a durable peace. New York: Harper Colophon Books.
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