Nuclear Power: The Dynamics of Acceptability

Levi, D. J., & Holder, E. E. (1986). Nuclear power: The dynamics of acceptability. Environment and Behavior, 18, 3, 385-395.
175 psychology and 35 landscape architecture students completed a questionnaire concerning the construction of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant to test the hypotheses that an…

Psychological Factors in the Nuclear Power Controversy

Levi, D. J., & Holder, E. E. (1988). Psychological factors in the nuclear power controversy. Political Psychology, 9, 3, 445-457.
Surveyed 289 undergraduates (approximate age 18-21 yrs) attending school near a nuclear power (NP) plant to examine beliefs and emotions that underlie attitudes toward nuclear pow…

The Social Impacts of Soft and Hard Energy Systems: The Lovins' Claims as a Social Science Challenge

Morrison, D. E. & Lodwick, D. G. (1981). The social impacts of soft and hard energy systems: The Lovins' claims as a social science challenge. Annual Review of Energy, 6, 357-378.

Energy Conservation and Public Policy: If it's Such a Good Idea, Why Don't we Do More of it?

Morell, D. (1981). Energy conservation and public policy: If it's such a good idea, why don't we do more of it?. Journal of Social Issues, 37, 2, 8-30.
Examines the reasons for the gap between an ineffective energy conservation strategy and the realities of American public policy from social and political perspectives. The discus…

Nuclear Fears and Concerns among College Students: A Cross-National Study of Attitudes

Rabow, J., Hernandez, A. C., & Newcombe, M. D. (1990). Nuclear fears and concerns among college students: A cross-national study of attitudes.. Political Psychology, 11, 4, 681-698.
Assessed the quality and extent of nuclear fears and beliefs among 288 college students (48% male) from the US, UK, and Sweden, using the Nuclear Attitudes Questionnaire (NAQ) d…

Public Response to the Risk from Geological Radon

Sandman, P. M., Weinstein, N. D., & Klotz, M. L. (1987). Public response to the risk from geological radon. Journal of Communication, 37, 3, 93-108.
Assessed the awareness and reactions of the public in New Jersey to naturally occurring radon using (1) questionnaire data from 141 residents who were potentially at risk or who h…

Leaders in Change: Solar Energy Owners and the Implications for Future Adoption Rates

Sawyer, S. W. (1982). Leaders in change: Solar energy owners and the implications for future adoption rates. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 21, 201-211.
Information on the characteristics of the initial wave of homeowners who installed solar energy systems is presented and then used to anticipate future solar market penetration pa…

Energy Effiency: Our Most Underrated Energy Resources

Ross, M. H. & Williams, R. H. (1976). Energy effiency: Our most underrated energy resources. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist, November, 30-38.

Psychological Research and Energy Policy

Stern, P. C., & Gardner, G. T. (1981). Psychological research and energy policy. American Psychologist, 36, 4, 329-342.
Argues that psychology can provide valuable input to energy policy but that its contribution has been impeded by psychologists' general unfamiliarity with world and national energ…

Habits, Hardware, and Energy Conservation

Stern, P. C., & Gardner, G. T. (1981). Habits, hardware, and energy conservation. American Psychologist, 36, 4, 426-428.
Replies to R. A. Winnett and E. S. Geller's (1981) comment that P. C. Stern and G. T. Gardner (see PA, Vol 67:1169) underemphasized the importance of behavioral changes and overst…
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