Deriving Interventions on the Basis of Factors Influencing Behavioral Intentions for Waste Recycling, Composting, and Reuse in Cuba

Mosler, H., Tamas, A., Tobias, R., Rodríguez, T., & Miranda, O. (2008). Deriving interventions on the basis of factors influencing behavioral intentions for waste recycling, composting, and reuse in Cuba. Environment and Behavior, 40(4), 522-544.
In this article the authors study existing waste-disposal intentions and behavior-influencing factors at the household level in Santiago de Cuba. The authors analyze the perceived…

3Rs Regulations in Ontario

BioCycle (1994). 3Rs Regulations in Ontario. BioCycle, June, 74-75.

A Structural Model of Reuse and Recycling in Mexico

Corral-Verdugo, V. (1996). A structural model of reuse and recycling in Mexico.. Environment and Behavior, 28, 5, 665-696.
Direct observations were used to analyze reuse and recycling patterns of 100 families. Reuse was practiced more than recycling. An inventory administered to housewives examined po…

GVRD Waste Reduction Reuse & Recycling Attitudes Residential Telephone Survey

Angus Reid Group, Inc. (1996). GVRD waste reduction reuse & recycling attitudes residential telephone survey.

Making Source Reduction and Reuse Work in your Community: A Manual for Local Governments

(1996). Making source reduction and reuse work in your community: A manual for local governments. Alexandria, VA: National Recycling Coalition, Source Reduction Forum.

Convergent and Divergent Validity of Three Measures of Conservation Behavior: The Multitrait-Multimethod Approach

Corral V. V. & Figueredo, A. (1999). Convergent and divergent validity of three measures of conservation behavior: The multitrait-multimethod approach. Environment and Behavior , 31, 6, 805-820.
Examined convergent and divergent validity of 3 measures of reuse behavior. Observations of the amount of reuse of glass, clothing, and metal were conducted for 3 family members (…

Analyzing Changes in Waste Reduction Behavior in a Low-Income Urban Community Following a Public Outreach Program

Margai, F. L. (1997). Analyzing changes in waste reduction behavior in a low-income urban community following a public outreach program. Environment and Behavior, 29, 6, 769-792.
Investigated changes in waste reduction behavior in East Harlem, NY, before and after an educational outreach program. Using focus groups and survey data, the attitudinal and beha…

Dual "Realities" of Conservation Behavior: Self-Reports vs Observations of Re-Use and Recycling Behavior

Corral-Verdugo, V. (1997). Dual "realities" of conservation behavior: Self-reports vs observations of re-use and recycling behavior. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 17, 2, 135-145.
Housewives in 100 randomly selected Mexican families self-reported their re-use/recycling, and direct observations were made of the frequency of re-used/recycled items in those fa…

Assessing Environmentally Responsible Behaviour

Caltabiano, N. J. & Caltabiano, M. L. (1995). Assessing environmentally responsible behaviour. Psychological Reports, 76, 3, pt 2, 1080-1082.
Examined the environmentally responsible behavior practiced by 247 university students. Analysis showed that responsible behavior has 3 dimensions: Reusing/Recycling, Conserving, …

Attitudes and Behavioral Intentions of Agricultural Workers toward Disposable Protective Coveralls

Perkins, H. M., Crown, E. M., Rigakis, K. B. & Eggertson, B. S. (1992). Attitudes and behavioral intentions of agricultural workers toward disposable protective coveralls. Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, 11, 1, 67-73.
Examined the behavior intentions (BVIs) of 244 grain farmers (aged 22-65 yrs) regarding the use of disposable coveralls using M. Fishbein and I. Ajzen's (1980) theory of reasoned …

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