CBSM & Farmer Behaviour: Managing Soil Resources

Jamie Bowyer Perth Jun 25, 2014 2:42 am
We are considering using the CBSM approach to develop and pilot strategies to improve the management of natural resources underpinning broadacre, dryland agricultural production i…

Barriers & Benefits to Rotational Grazing Systems

Unknown Mar 26, 2014 15:03 pm
I am a student at Colorado Mountain College and am involved in a research project. I have developed a 10 question survey in an attempt to identify the perceived barriers and benef…

Barriers to Rotational Grazing of Livestock

Unknown Feb 23, 2014 19:04 pm
My intention is to address the behaviors that lead to soil loss. Conventional grazing techniques lead to erosion and a trend toward desertification. Holistic land management, incl…

Waterway Protection Post Bank Degradation, Erosion

Jodi Thompson Invercargill Aug 29, 2011 17:13 pm
Hi everyone I'm looking for temporary as well as longer term control measures where stock have degraded pasture and / or waterway banks to the point that there is no more veget…

Soil Erosion Recognition Programs

Joe Bonnell Columbus Jul 9, 2010 10:36 am
Does anyone know of cases where best management practices (or sustainable behavior) adoption has been increased by a public recognition program? I'm working with a Watershed Coord…
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