Promoting Naturescaping

Virginia Bruce Portland Jan 30, 2015 17:15 pm
We are planning a campaign to introduce homeowners and community groups to Naturescaping. I would love to hear suggestions about the best messages to get people interested enough …

Sustainable Gardening/landscaping Initiatives-Surveys or Barriers and Benefits

Christine Cummings Burnaby Apr 12, 2013 14:52 pm
I am looking for any information on CBSM work regarding Sustainable Gardening and Landscaping initiatives in BC. Specifically, has anyone conducted surveys investigating the need/…

Case Studies/Success Stories Reducing Lawns

Nancy Lee Mercer Island Apr 4, 2013 12:03 pm
We are looking for success stories in reducing residential lawns, replacing them with native plants and/or trees and shrubs. Anywhere in the world is fine! Thank you in advanc…

Focus Group for Urban Forestry Research

Laura Smith Cumberland Jun 18, 2012 11:39 am
Hello, I'm working with my local city government on a project that aims to increase urban canopy on residential properties. We intend to create and distribute surveys and hold a f…

How Much Water Does Xeriscaping Conserve?

Lisa Masini Kelowna Oct 25, 2009 15:19 pm
Hi - Does anyone know where I can find measured statistics on how much water xeriscaping actually conserves? I know from experience that it conserves a lot, but the granting agenc…

Green Thumbs Unite for a Cleaner Environment

Hlubik, W. T. (1994). Green thumbs unite for a cleaner environment. World Wastes, April, CS6.

Xeriscaping: Promises and Pitfalls: Residential Xeriscape Project: Phase II Evaluation Report

Environmental & Conservation Services Department Water Conservation Department Xeriscaping: Promises and Pitfalls: Residential Xeriscape Project: Phase II Evaluation Report.

The Effect of Commitment on Adoption and Diffusion of Grass Cycling. Special Issue: Litter Control and Recycling

Cobern, M. K., Porter, B.E., Leeming, F.C., & Dwyer, W.O. (1995). The effect of commitment on adoption and diffusion of grass cycling. Special Issue: Litter control and recycling. Environment and Behavior, 27, 2, 213-232.
Tested the effects of 2 levels of commitment to grass cycling (GC; i.e., not bagging grass clippings). During 4 wks of baseline, data were collected for all houses in 3 homogenous…

Suburban Lawns: Dimensions of Meaning, Activities, and Environmental Concerns Reported by Homeowning Couples in Georgia and Michigan

Shern, L. C. (1995). Suburban lawns: Dimensions of meaning, activities, and environmental concerns reported by homeowning couples in Georgia and Michigan. Dissertation Abstracts International: Section B: The Sciences and Engineering, 56, 3-B,
Mounting evidence points to detrimental effects to the environment and human health from the overuse and misuse of fertilizers and pesticides. Of increasing concern in the United …

Preferences for Landscape Choice in a Southwestern Desert City

Yabiku, S., Casagrande, D., & Farley-Metzger, E. (2008, May). Preferences for landscape choice in a Southwestern desert city. Environment and Behavior, 40(3), 382-400.
Through outdoor water consumption, residential landscaping behavior affects public policy and the environment in the American Southwest. We propose a decision framework based on c…

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