Solid-Waste Recycling Behavior and Support for Curbside Textile Recycling

Daneshvary, N., Daneshvary, R. & Schwer, R. K. (1998). Solid-waste recycling behavior and support for curbside textile recycling. Environment and Behavior, 30, 2, 144-161.
Examines determinants of residents' support for a curbside textile-recycling policy in southern Nevada. Based on the existing solid-waste recycling behavior literature and 817 res…

Motivations and Behaviors that Support Recycling

Werner, C. M. & Makela, E. (1998). Motivations and behaviors that support recycling. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 18, 4, 373-386.
Adult residents from 309 households were questioned about their attitudes towards recycling and the processes involved in recycling (recyclers' phenomenal experiences and organizi…

Commitment, Behavior, and Attitude Change: An Analysis of Voluntary Recycling

Werner, C. M., Turner, J., Shipman, K., Twitchell, F. S., et al. (1995). Commitment, behavior, and attitude change: An analysis of voluntary recycling. Special Issue: Green psychology. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 15, 3, 197-208.
Describes a project designed to help local agencies select a method of inducing residents to participate in a free curbside recycling program. The project also provided an opportu…

Environmental Waste: Recycling Attitudes and Correlates

Larsen, K. S. (1995). Environmental waste: Recycling attitudes and correlates. Journal of Social Psychology, 135, 1, 83-88.
A 5-phase study measured attitudes toward recycling environmental waste among 452 undergraduates. The item pool consisted of 40 positive statements and 41 negative statements. Ass…

Motivating Recycling Behavior: A Quasiexperimental Investigation of Message and Source Strategies

Lord, K. R. (1994). Motivating recycling behavior: A quasiexperimental investigation of message and source strategies. Special Issue: Psychology, marketing, and recycling. Psychology and Marketing, 11, 4, 341-358.
Using a quasiexperimental design, direct behavioral observations and attitudinal and other survey data were drawn from 140 households to test hypotheses related to the efficacy of…

Teaching the Concept of Precycling: A Campaign and Evaluation

Gillilan, Sheryl; Werner, Carol M.; Olson, Lynne; Adams, Dorothy (1996). Teaching the Concept of Precycling: A Campaign and Evaluation. Journal of Environmental Education, 28, 1, 11-18.
Evaluated the extent to which shoppers acquired knowledge about precycling from radio, TV and in-store advertising campaign (ADC) and whether that knowledge was translated into se…

The Impact of Behavioural Difficulty on the Saliency of the Association between Self-Determined Motivation and Environmental Behaviours

Green-Demers, I., Pelletier, L. G. & Menard, S. (1997). The impact of behavioural difficulty on the saliency of the association between self-determined motivation and environmental behaviours. Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science, 29, 3, 157-166.
Evaluated the impact of the perceived level of difficulty of environmental behaviours on the magnitude of the relationship between environmental self-determination and the occurre…

Analyzing Changes in Waste Reduction Behavior in a Low-Income Urban Community Following a Public Outreach Program

Margai, F. L. (1997). Analyzing changes in waste reduction behavior in a low-income urban community following a public outreach program. Environment and Behavior, 29, 6, 769-792.
Investigated changes in waste reduction behavior in East Harlem, NY, before and after an educational outreach program. Using focus groups and survey data, the attitudinal and beha…

Resource Recovery: Use of a Group Contingency to Increase Paper Recycling in an Elementary School

Hamad, C. D., Cooper, D. & Semb, G. (1977). Resource recovery: Use of a group contingency to increase paper recycling in an elementary school. Journal of Applied Psychology, 62, 6, 768-772.
Recycling has been suggested as a means for replenishing dwindling energy supplies, reducing solid waste accumulation, and conserving natural resource bases. In the present study,…

Recycling and Morality: A Critical Review of the Literature

Thogersen, J. (1996). Recycling and morality: A critical review of the literature. Environment and Behavior, 28, 4, 536-558.
Provides a brief literature review with the intention of uncovering problems and shortcomings in the framework of the Subjective Expected Utility model and the Theory of Reasoned …

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