Participation in Household Solid Waste Reduction Activities: The Need for Public Education

Simmons, D. A., & Widmar, R. (1990). Participation in household solid waste reduction activities: The need for public education. Journal of Environmental Systems, 19, 4, 323-330.
With landfills quickly reaching their capacities nationwide, public attention has begun to focus on ways of reducing the amount of solid waste produced. In 1985, Somerset County,…

Motivations and Barriers to Recycling: Toward a Strategy for Public Education

Simmons, D., & Widmar, R. (1990). Motivations and barriers to recycling: Toward a strategy for public education. Journal of Environmental Education, 22, 1, 13-18.
Conducted a study of 500 households to describe some of the forces that encourage recycling behavior. Questionnaire results suggest that recyclers were more likely to hold to a co…

An Evaluation of the Public Response to a Community Recycling Education Program

Vining, J. & Ebreo, A. (1989). An evaluation of the public response to a community recycling education program. Society and Natural Resources, 2, 23-36.
Conserving resources and reducing the volume of garbage that must be incinerated or stored in landfills through recycling has become a major priority for many communities. Educat…

Determinants of Recycling Behavior: A Synthesis of Research Results

Hornik, J., Cherian, J., Madansky, M., & Narayana, C. (1995). Determinants of recycling behavior: A synthesis of research results. The Journal of Socio-Economics, 24, 1, 105-127.
Variables affecting consumer recycling behavior are classified into four theoretical groups: intrinsic & extrinsic incentives, & internal & external facilitators. These clusters o…

Evaluation of Selected Recycling Curricula: Educating the Green Citizen

Boerschig, S., & De Young, R. (1993). Evaluation of selected recycling curricula: Educating the green citizen. Journal of Environmental Education, 24, 3, 17-22.
The authors reviewed past research in environmental education and identified eight variables as strong predictors of conservation behavior change: action skills, knowledge of act…

Determinants of Responsible Environmental Behavior

Nemiroff, L. S., & McKenzie-Mohr, D. (1992). Determinants and distinguishing variables of pro-disarmament behavior and responsible environmental behavior.. Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, 7, 1, 1-24.
Two experiments examined the variables characteristic of individuals who engage in responsible environmental behavior. In Exp 1, 142 Canadians (mean age 36 yrs) completed a phone …

Market Segementation for Recycling

Howenstine, E. (1993). Market segementation for recycling. Environment and Behavior, 25, 1, 86-102.
Suggests that from a behavioral perspective, the decision to recycle or not to recycle can be understood as a set of conditions that must be met: sufficient motivation, knowledge,…

Consumer Research Survey: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Purchase of Recycled-Content Products

King County commission for Marketing Recyclable Materials & Atwood, A. M. (1994). Consumer research survey: Knowledge, attitudes, and purchase of recycled-content products. King County Commission for Marketing Recyclable Materials.

Predicting Three Dimensions of Residential Curbside Recycling: An Observational Study

Oskamp, S., Burkhardt, R. L., Schultz, P. W., Hurin, S. & Zelezny, L. (1998). Predicting three dimensions of residential curbside recycling: An observational study. Journal of Environmental Education, 29, 2, 37-42.
Three dimensions of household recycling behavior (frequency of participation, amount of recyclable materials, and contamination of recyclables by improper material) were observed …

Who Listens to Trash Talk?: Education and Public Media Effects on Recycling Behavior

Martinez, M. D. & Scicchitano, M. J. (1998). Who listens to trash talk?: Education and public media effects on recycling behavior. Social Science Quarterly, 79, 2, 287-300.
Examined whether public media efforts on one community-oriented behavior (recycling) are effective and whether media effects are greater for those with higher levels of education.…

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