Day Zero: Cape Town Includes Fear Appeal to Avoid Running Out of Water – Landmark behavior change case study posted.

Jay Kassirer Ottawa Jan 27, 2022 21:24 pm
  “Day Zero: Cape Town Includes Fear Appeal to Avoid Running Out of Water” has been designated a Landmark behavior change case study and added to the collection of over 200 behav…

Experience/Research on Increasing Water Rates During Drought Conditions

Liz Foote Maui Feb 20, 2015 19:14 pm
Hi, I am hoping someone out there might have some experience in this area, or could point me to some research. There was a proposed change in the water rate structure last year he…

Lawn Sprinkling Bans vs. Summer Seasonal Surcharges

Amy Wakeford Abbotsford Nov 22, 2010 13:34 pm
Does anyone know of any research on the effectiveness of lawn sprinkling bans vs. summer surcharges on reducing peak day demand? Amy Wakeford Water Conservation Program Coord…

Water Consumption Tools for Small-Medium Businesses

Olivia Tattam Aug 4, 2008 21:48 pm
I am currently researching tools/activities that small-medium businesses can use to measure, monitor and understand their water consumption. Has anybody got any experience with ef…

Looking for Research on Watering Restrictions

Beth Putnam Brooksville Dec 21, 2005 15:32 pm
I'm looking for research on the following: the effect landscape watering restrictions have on watering habits; the level of compliance with watering restrictions; to what extent t…

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