The Sustainability Dialogue

Jonathan Gilmore South Orleans Oct 6, 2005 15:59 pm
Many places, like Cape Cod, have been the objects of our love and attention. We want to live or vacation there, and probably expect that someone is empathically "minding the store…

Seeking Examples of Work on Environmental Attitudes/Knowledge/Behavior Among Recent Immigrants to the US; and Using ESL Classes as a Venue for CBSM

c2alts Oct 6, 2005 17:36 pm
Hey, the list is here at last! Looking forward to some interesting dialogue here. I'm conducting a literature search as part of a project that conducts educational outreach about …

Social Marketing- Relationship b/w Attitudes and Behaviour

Liam Farrelly coburg Oct 6, 2005 20:57 pm
Hi I have been trying to organise a forum at my localGreenbranch in regards to social marketing/campaining, particuarly in regards to the relationship between attitudes and b…

Looking for Leads Re. Sustainable Development Textbook

gsutter Oct 7, 2005 14:48 pm
I'm looking for suggestions from the list as to a suitable textbook for a fourth-year undergraduate course in sustainable development, to be offered through a geography department…

Motivators and Barriers to Compliance with Environmental Legislation

Sabrina Kemp Ottawa Oct 12, 2005 15:16 pm
Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone out there could point me to any research that has been conducted or relevant case studies that address the motivators and barriers t…

Seeking Studies Assessing Attitudes Toward Biodiversity

lynsdmb Oct 17, 2005 11:41 am
Hello, We are students in the University of Maryland's Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development graduate program and are currently working on a project for Conservatio…

Marketing Successful Attitudinal Change Programs

Zanna Joyce Winnipeg Oct 17, 2005 15:03 pm
Hello: I am wondering if anyone has statistics on how often someone has to see a social marketing message before it sinks in. I have heard that commercial messages must be he…

Seeking Info - Relationship b/w Adult Education & CBSM

Catherine Mccarthy Oct 19, 2005 19:43 pm
Hi everyone, I am currently conducting a literature review for a graduate adult education research paper on the relationship between adult education principles of critical re…

Re: Powerpoint Presentation on CBSM

Unknown Oct 20, 2005 14:01 pm
Jesse: I am working on a PowerPoint presentation that will serve as an executive summary of community-based social marketing. Once the list settles down I will finalize it an…

CBSM That Works

Billie Milholland Edmonton Oct 20, 2005 18:13 pm
Check out this group for a well-focused CBSM program. They may not call it that, but it fits the criteria. They use art as a tool. Their program appears simple, but it packs a big…

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