What do Americans think about recycling?

Julie Cook Kitchener Apr 1, 2024 12:41 pm
Hi all,   The problem with waste in the United States is growing every year, as is Americans’ concerns about it. Less than a quarter of waste in the U.S. is recycled. When it come…

Best way to deliver a survey?

Tim Kelly Christchurch Jun 22, 2021 19:01 pm
I'd like people's opinion on how to best deliver a survey to a group of around 2,000 households. The budget is tight. I have a $1,000 that could be used either as: (a) prizemoney …

Probability Survey Phrasing - Help

Clara von Dohlen Nov 9, 2020 18:31 pm
Hi everyone! I am writing a survey to determine how likely a small population is to use alternative transportation options (ie bike, walk, bus, carpool) in a week, and how many ti…

Global Survey for Anyone Who Teaches Social Marketing (Update & Request for Participation)

Liz Foote Maui May 20, 2020 2:41 am
Hi everyone, if you teach social marketing in any capacity, either in a formal academic setting, or elsewhere via workshops, please take a moment to complete this survey, or pass …

Survey for Social Marketing Practitioners

Julie Cook Kitchener Jul 24, 2019 17:27 pm
Hi there, this is Julie Cook, I'm a PhD candidate at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. I'm working as part of a team on a study to find out the key factors of success…

Campaign event impact survey?

Adam Valvasori Melbourne Feb 18, 2015 19:53 pm
Hi there. Does anyone have any good/quick social impact survey templates to measure success of public events (mainly for increasing education and changing attitudes)? cheers, …

Online vs. Phone Surveys

Elliot Dale Bozeman Jan 14, 2015 15:45 pm
The latest edition of 'Fostering Sustainable Behavior' recommends phone surveys as the preferred survey method, with little mention of online surveys. Is this still true, or is t…

Environmental footprint of a conference

Patricia Armstrong Templestowe Sep 25, 2014 19:18 pm
I have been asked to conduct a pro bono environmental footprint of a conference for a not for profit organisation. The conference will be held in a regional city, about 150 km fr…

Best Way to Survey Utility Groups to Get Feedback

Yarrow Spitzfaden Lakewood Jun 24, 2014 14:15 pm
Hello, I am interested in doing a survey of water industry professionals (operators and/or HR departments) to try and find out the answer to 3 or 4 simple questions directly re…

Statistical Treatment of Survey Adoption Data

Jeff Mitchell Davis Jan 17, 2012 10:30 am
We have conducted a written survey of conservation practice adoption here in the Central Valley of CA similar to the sort of effort described in the CBSM workshop we attended and …
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