Buy Local Campaigns

Nancy Adams Le Roy May 31, 2008 10:23 AM
My nearest small town of 900 is undertaking a "Buy Local" Campaign. I found some good things on the internet about how to undertake such a campaign, but they didn't include fsm ty…

Great Turtle Race Daily Update!

Terre Dunivant San Luis Obispo June 06, 2008 02:07 PM
Dear Colleagues, Like most of you, I get emails all day asking me to do something for polar bears, wolves, whales, habitat threats... Mostly I click the link and sign the let…

SustainAbility Month in Library

Greg Carlson Venice July 23, 2008 01:43 PM
Greetings: I have been a list subscriber for several months and appreciate the variety and depth of postings and discussions. If list memberswill be in the Sarasota, Florida …

Environmental Knowledge and Recycling Behavior as a Function of Attitudes and Personality Characteristics

Arbuthnot, J. Environmental knowledge and recycling behavior as a fuction of attitudes and personality characteristics. Vol. 1. 1974. 119-121.
Tested a numer of hypotheses regarding the relationship among (a) personality characteristics, (b) certain demographic factors, and (c) environmental attitudes, knowledge, and com…

The Comparative Effectiveness of Reward and Commitment Approaches in Motivating Community Recycling

Katzev, R. D. & Pardini, A. U. The comparative effectiveness of reward and commitment approaches in motivating community recycling. Vol. 17. 1987-1988. 93-113.

Can Commitment Change Behavior? A Case Study of Environmental Actions

Katzev, R. & Wang, T. Can commitment change behavior? A case study of environmental actions. Vol. 9. 1994. 13-26.
Conducted a critical evaluation of both laboratory and field studies that have employed commitment procedures to change behavior. An analysis of the methodological and historical …

Using Cognitive Dissonance to Encourage Water Conservation

Dickerson CA, Thibodeau, R., Aronson, E., Miller, D. (1992). Using Cognitive Dissonance to Encourage Water Conservation. Journal of Applied Social Psychology 22 (11), 841854.
In a field experiment on water conservation, we aroused dissonance in patrons of the campus recreation facility by making them feel hypocritical about their showering habits. Usin…

Psychological resistance against attempts to reduce private car use

Tertoolen G., van Kreveld D. & Verstraten B. (1998). Psychological resistance against attempts to reduce private car use. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 32 (3), 171-181.
The aim of the research was to investigate the effects of information, feedback and commitment on car use and attitudes related to car use. In a field experiment (N = 350) users o…

A Comparison of the Environmental

Hunter, Lori M. (2000). A comparison of the environmental attitudes, concern, and behaviors of native-born and foreign-born U.S. residents. . Population & Environment: a Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 21, 6, 565-580.
Offers an examination of environmental attitudes, concern, and behaviors among individuals presently living within the context producing contemporary American environmental …

Environmental Commitment among the States: Integrating Alternative Approaches to State Environmental Policy

Hays, Scott P; Esler, Michael; Hays, Carol E (1996). Environmental commitment among the states: integrating alternative approaches to state environmental policy. Publius, 26, 41-58.
This article examines variation in state commitment to protecting the natural environment. We contribute to theoretical and empirical research in this area in two pri…
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