Aligning Identities, Emotions, and Beliefs to Create Commitment to Sustainable Social and Political Action

Thomas, E.F., McGarty, C., Mavor, K.I. (2009). Aligning identities, emotions, and beliefs to create commitment to sustainable social and political action. Personality and Social Psychology Review, 13(3), 194-218.
In this article the authors explore the social psychological processes underpinning sustainable commitment to a social or political cause. Drawing on recent developments in the co…

Analyzing the Commitment-Loyalty Link in Service Contexts

Pritchard, M. P., Havitz, M. E., & Howard, D. R. (1999). Analyzing the commitment-loyalty link in service contexts. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 27(3), 333-348.
This study addressed the ill-understood issue of how loyalty develops in service patrons. Although many theorists hold commitment to be an essential part of this process, the link…

Commitment of Farmers to Environmental protection: From Social Pressure to Environmental Conscience

Michel-Guillou, E., & Moser, G. (2006). Commitment of farmers to environmental protection: From social pressure to environmental conscience. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 26(3), 227-235.
This study focuses on identifying the differences between traditional farmers (those who maintained traditional agricultural practices) and pro-environmental farmers (those who co…

Non-Response to the Recycling Promotion Technique of Blockleader and Commitment

Meneses, G.D. (2009). Non-response to the recycling promotion technique of blockleader and commitment. Journal of Socio-Economics, 38(4), pp. 663-671.
The use of the recycling promotion technique which consists of commitment through a blockleader incentive has demonstrated that those individuals who are reluctant to increase the…

Dissonance and Commitment: Comparison of Two Ways of Intervention to Reduce Energy Resources Within a Territorial Administration

Lopez, A., Lassarre, D., & Rateau, P. (2010). Dissonance and commitment: Comparison of two ways of intervention to reduce energy resources within a territorial administration [Dissonance et engagement : comparaison de deux voies d'intervention visant à réduire les ressources énergétiques au sein d'une collectivité territoriale]. Pratiques Psychologiques. Article in Press.
This Action Research was ordered by the Energy Department's head of a southern France local authority who wanted to reduce civil servant's overconsumption behaviors in public swim…

Using Tailored Information and Public Commitment to Improve the Environmental Quality of Farm Lands: An Example from the Netherlands

Lokhorst, A.M., van Dijk, J., Staats, H., van Dijk, E., & de Snoo, G. (2010). Using tailored information and public commitment to improve the environmental quality of farm lands: An example from the Netherlands. Human Ecology, 38(1), 113-122.
By adopting nature conservation practices, farmers can enhance the environmental quality and biodiversity of their land. In this exploratory study, a behavioral intervention that …

Public Commitment Making as a Structural Solution in Social Dilemmas

Lokhorst, A., van Dijk, E., & Staats, H. (2009). Public commitment making as a structural solution in social dilemmas. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 29(4), 400-406.
Research shows that public commitment making helps promote pro-environmental behavior. However, not everyone may be willing to make such commitments. Therefore, it is important to…

A Comparison of the Environmental Attitudes, Concern and Behaviors of Native-Born and Foreign-Born US Residents

Hunter, L. M. (2000). A comparison of the environmental attitudes, concern, and behaviors of native-born and foreign-born U.S. residents. Population & Environment: a Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 21(6), 565-580.
Offers an examination of environmental attitudes, concern, and behaviors among individuals presently living within the context producing contemporary American environmental awaren…

The Relationship between Environmental Commitment and Managerial Perceptions of Stakeholder Importance

Henriques, I., & Sadorsky, P. (1999). The relationship between environmental commitment and managerial perceptions of stakeholder importance. Academy of Mangement Journal, 42(1), 87-99.
Asks whether firms committed to stewardship of the natural environment differ from less environmentally committed firms in their managerial perceptions of the relative importa…

The Effect of Public Commitment on Resistance to Persuasion: The Influence of Attitude Certainty, Issue Importance, Susceptibility to Normative Influence, Preference for Consistency and Source Proximity

Gopinath, M., & Nyer, P.U. (2009). The effect of public commitment on resistance to persuasion: The influence of attitude certainty, issue importance, susceptibility to normative influence, preference for consistency and source proximity. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 26(1), 60-68.
This study investigates the effect of public commitment on resistance to persuasion and on the roles played by attitude certainty, issue importance, susceptibility to normative in…

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