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Reducing Residential Water Consumption with Feedback in Melbourne, Australia

Aitken, C. K., McMahon, T. A., Wearing, A. J. & Finlayson, B. L. (1994). Residential water use: Predicting and reducing consumption. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 24, 2, 136-158.
Since residential water use is quite high in Melbourne, Australia, a pilot program was designed to lower consumption. First, a literature review was conducted to identify behavior…

Seeking Examples of Energy Efficiency Programs for New Mothers

Anna Strempel Brunswick Oct 13, 2005 2:59 am
Hi all, I have been delivering talks to new mother's groups in our local government area for some time on how to ensure that energy use does not increase dramatically when new…

Residential Development Water Use Feedback

Chris Dewey New Port Richey Jan 4, 2006 14:16 pm
Here in Florida, most new developments are Master Planned Communities. There usually is a single water main to supply the entire water needs of the community (some have reclaimed …

Enviro Perf Weather Report - Relevance to CBSM

Burt Hamner Aug 9, 2006 15:54 pm
From: Burton (sent via a borrowed account) This could be a good simple CBSM program eval tool. I made up this Excel spreadsheet years ago and then lost it in some directory.…

Environmental Literacy

doug mohr Nov 23, 2006 12:06 pm
Posted on behalf of Vincent Carragher ([email protected]) Hi guys; I am involved in a CBSM project whereby we attempt to create environmental literacy and which is…

Business Waste Reduction Audit Software

Steve Apotheker Portland Jan 8, 2007 15:11 pm
Metro (Portland, Oregon) would like to look at software applications that are used to track the results of an audit and assistance program for businesses that receive recommendati…

Seeking Info on How to Track Energy Saved in Community Energy Efficiency Project

Tammy Deets Bainbridge Island Jan 24, 2007 15:45 pm
We are launching a community energy efficiency project that promotes the use of a varity of measures from CFL bulbs to occupancy sensor power strip to reduce the use of electricit…

Energy Consumption Behavior

Lisa Chacon San Francisco Jan 31, 2007 1:19 am
I'm trying to find information about an energy consumption behavior study reportedly done in Sweden, in which electrical meters in private homes were given visual happy/sad face i…

Eco Footprint of Computers

eyeblink1 Feb 17, 2007 9:42 am
This question was just posed to me by an administrator at an art museum. She is about to present a greening of the facility to a staff of 300 and she was wondering about the issue…

Engaging Communities / Feedback / Communicating

Katherine Garrah Peterborough Mar 19, 2007 6:50 am
Hi All, I'm looking for information or resources related to: - Getting communities involved in managing their own resources, specifically, lake communities becoming involved …
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