Looking for Info on Work Place Travel Plans in Non City Centre Areas

Elaine Stuart Invercargill Aug 23, 2006 5:44 am
Hello there, I am trying to set up a work place travel plan for our organisation, whose employees primarily travel by single occupant vehicle to and from work, and home at l…

Seeking Ride Share Research Applicable to Small Communities

Jay Kassirer Ottawa Jan 8, 2007 11:27 am
Can anyone on this listserv help Monica with her request for ride share research applicable to small communities? (see note below) Thanks, Jay Jay Kassirer, Presid…

Sophisticated Targeted Marketing: Carsharing, etc.

Steve Raney Palo Alto Jan 29, 2007 23:37 pm
This 19-pager seemed like a super Transportation Research Board Conference car trip reduction paper to me. It demonstrates a very rigorous approach to identifying the best markets…

Seeking Research on Business Travel (During the Business Day)

Elizabeth Dainton LONDON Mar 14, 2007 7:22 am
Hello, We are working on a project looking at business travel and the potential for reduced or more sustainable travel during the business day. Initial literature reviews hav…

Problem Driving Institute

ddanyluk7 Mar 30, 2007 20:27 pm
Hello List serve community, A short time ago I asked if any of you had any knowledge of sustainable measures to address campus related (faculty) vehicle use. I received sever…

Carpool Parking Spaces

Shelley Pardy St. John's Aug 20, 2007 20:42 pm
Hello, I am wondering if anyone knows of places (municipalities, institutions, etc) where there are dedicated carpool parking spots? The university where I work has a carpo…

FaceBook Social Networking to Ridesharing

Terre Dunivant San Luis Obispo Sep 21, 2007 14:21 pm
Ridesharing With a Social Twist from springwise.com One of the problems with traditional carpool matching sites has been the anxiety most people feel when faced with the pro…

Managing Volunteer "Alternative Transportation Champion" Program

Lisa Murawski santa barbara Oct 18, 2007 19:05 pm
Hi all, This is not as much fun as "nappies," but I want to know if anyone has recommendations for managing a volunteer program. Traffic Solutions is using CBSM techniques in…


Greg Campbell Wellington Oct 25, 2007 16:10 pm
Hi everyone We are looking at ridesharing / carpooling as a possible response to congestion and sustainability issues (i.e. we are mainly interested in journey to work). Can …

Seeking Information on Successful Carpool Programs

April Mcgrath Sydney Dec 5, 2007 12:11 pm
Hi, I'm searching for information on effective carpool programs, and trying to find some good examples as case studies. If you are familiar with such a program, especially on…

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