The Sustainability Dialogue

Jonathan Gilmore South Orleans Oct 6, 2005 15:59 pm
Many places, like Cape Cod, have been the objects of our love and attention. We want to live or vacation there, and probably expect that someone is empathically "minding the store…

Seeking Examples of Work on Environmental Attitudes/Knowledge/Behavior Among Recent Immigrants to the US; and Using ESL Classes as a Venue for CBSM

c2alts Oct 6, 2005 17:36 pm
Hey, the list is here at last! Looking forward to some interesting dialogue here. I'm conducting a literature search as part of a project that conducts educational outreach about …

Participatory Planning for Communications Campaigns

m macdowell Mar 22, 2006 18:33 pm
Dear all, On March 21, Conservation International's Global Awareness department and the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication jointly launched a new publication title…

Communication Strategies for Marine Protected Areas

Fiona Galloway Broome Jul 26, 2006 18:27 pm
Hello, Would anyone have any examples of communication plans/strategies for marine protected areas? (or any other situations that might be of help). The MPA I am focussing on…

Communicating River Restoration Programs

Sandra Volk Oct 23, 2006 0:30 am
I seeking information about communication and community engagement/consultation projects relating to large-scale river restoration programs. The Living Murray (www.thelivingmurra…

Automated Phone Systems

Elizabeth Kenrick Pembroke Jan 9, 2007 5:10 am
Currently, our office handles the phone calls for missed recyclable/organics/garbage pick-up, general inquiries regarding our advanced waste management system as well as administr…

Environmental Behavior Change

Tiago Rodrigues Brisbane May 16, 2007 21:08 pm
Hi! I'm currently developing research on principles most effective in guiding the development of environmental communication aimed at promoting environmental behavior change …

CO2 Man a Real Hoot

galaward Oct 12, 2007 8:12 am
Just thought I'd mention this "outfit" to the list: These folks paid us a visit when the Anglican Church held its eco-justice conference in Victoria, last May. Th…

Enviro Message for Position Descriptions

Darlene Pentland East Burwood May 5, 2008 7:44 am
Good morning all, Can anyone suggest an 'enviro' message for job position descriptions? I am after a simple, descriptive message (about care of the environment) that can be…

Community Engagement with Climate Change

Catherine Sims Jun 30, 2008 12:37 pm
Hello I work for an organisation called CRed Suffolk. I am looking at ways to engage community groups in carbon reduction schemes. I am keen to engage in different ways: so fa…

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