Smart Cities: A good idea?

Julie Cook Kitchener Feb 28, 2024 14:13 pm
Smart Cities have risen in popularity in the past several years. As sustainability professionals, many of whom work for municipalities, you may have come across or be working towa…

"What's your superhabit?" - Reducing single use plastics in Vancouver

Julie Cook Kitchener Feb 20, 2024 16:44 pm
Hi all,    The Social Marketing Association of North America will be soon hosting their Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, February 28th at 12pm ET. They will be sharing highlig…

International Social Marketing Association newsletter

Julie Cook Kitchener Jan 31, 2024 14:02 pm
Hi all,    If you’d like to connect with social marketing colleagues around the globe, benefit from social marketing thought leadership, and find out about conferences, webinars, …

Behavioural insights for environmental impact summit

Julie Cook Kitchener Jan 9, 2024 14:47 pm
Hi all,    There’s an exciting interactive summit coming up in Washington, D.C. on June 11th, hosted by Rare’s Center for Behavior & the Environment. It’s a day-long conference th…

Happy Holidays!

Julie Cook Kitchener Dec 18, 2023 3:42 am
Hi all, As we near the end of 2023, I'd like to say a few words about empathy. Empathy is a perhaps overlooked yet critically important aspect of the work that we do as behaviour…

Social media for behaviour change toolkit

Julie Cook Kitchener Dec 12, 2023 19:15 pm
Hi all,   If you’re looking for information on how to run a social media for behaviour change campaign, the International Federation of the Red Cross and USAID have teamed up to p…

How cities get “unstuck” in the face of environmental degradation

Julie Cook Kitchener Nov 29, 2023 20:47 pm
Hi all,   There’s an interesting article from Behavioral Scientist related to how societies (and on a smaller scale, cities) can apply policies in various ways to shift from envir…

North American Social Marketing Conference 2024 – registration open!

Julie Cook Kitchener Nov 22, 2023 21:24 pm
Hi all,    The North American Social Marketing conference registration is now open. The conference takes place from May 15 to May 18, 2024 at the breathtaking Clearwater Beach in …

Do people 'read signs'?

Teresa Prokopanko Nov 20, 2023 21:00 pm
In a number of instances in my work lately, I've had pushback from colleagues saying "Unfortunately, most people will not read signage" and similar. While I accept that in some ca…

Book recommendation: Transformative Incrementalism - A Journey to Sustainability

Julie Cook Kitchener Nov 15, 2023 13:55 pm
Hi everyone,   I’d like to introduce you to an interesting book called Transformative Incrementalism: A Journey to Sustainability. The book is about the way that practical progres…
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